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Real Life

The causes of dark spots vary. But for the most part, it involves sunshine. That’s right, something that feels so good that it’s a metaphor for joy, happiness and even love. But it also has a dark side. And it isn’t pretty. Dark spots can make you self-conscious, lose confidence, and even make you feel embarrassed.

because of dark spots:

“My grown daughter leaned into me, wet her thumb and tried wiping off my dark spot. She thought it was dirt”.

“One day, in front of everybody, my nephew pointed to my face and exclaimed that I had a map of New Hampshire on it”

because of dark spots:

“Time on the beach was my favorite thing to do. But even though I used lotion, I still got dark spots. Now I just stay home -- and my family goes without me.”

“On beautiful, sunshine-filled days, I avoid meeting friends in outdoor spaces. I kept imagining they were staring at my dark spots.”

because of dark spots:

The sun provides us with a natural way to make our own vitamin D in our skin. Vitamin D has been shown to help our bodies absorb calcium for healthy bones, play important roles in immune function and even cardiovascular health. While it makes sense to limit excessive exposure the sun, avoiding it altogether because you’re worried about getting more dark spots or worsening the appearance of ones you already have deprives us of this nutritional gift from the sun.

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