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Experience the naturally effective skin care of Citrinex

There are many different methods used to treat skin discoloration from bleaching creams to chemical peels. Citrinex offers a new unique approach that works internally to help make dark spots go away and fight against future dark spots.*

Citrinex consists of a proprietary blend of ingredients not found in any other formula. With just one capsule a day, Citrinex works from inside of your body to reduce excess melanin production from sun exposure that causes hyperpigmentation or skin discoloration.*

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The secret to having youthful-looking and vibrant skin

Citrinex uses an exclusive combination of powerful natural antioxidants including red orange complex to help reduce the formation of melanin spots – the substance in your skin that forms dark spots in response to UV exposure from the sun.

  • Just 1 capsule a day reduces dark spots*
  • Results may be seen in as little as 3 weeks*
  • Contains no harsh chemicals or acids
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Citrinex Does:

  • Offer a naturally effective way to fight dark spots *
  • Help your skin look more even-toned and youthful *
  • Have clinically studied ingredients *
  • Have a proprietary formula unlike any other
  • Has extracts with powerful anthocyanins
  • Help skin take care of itself from within*
  • Provide other benefits that support health & vitality*

Citrinex Does Not:

  • Use bleach or harsh chemicals
  • Contains skin-damaging acids 
  • Just covers up the problem

Real People, Real Problems!

“I burned my face with a glycolic acid product.  I looked horrible, I’m so glad there’s finally a safe, natural solution.”

“I tried so many different dark spot removers that didn’t work… I gave up.  I’ve been looking for a solution like Citrinex for years!”

Real Results

“I spent most of my life in the sun. And then I started noticing these dark spots, so I used the usual creams and lotions with no results. Then I decided to try something new and now I use Citrinex. It’s only been 4 weeks and already my dark spots are fading. Even my friends say I have younger looking skin.”
- Joanne S.

“I started getting dark spots about three years ago. I tried at least half a dozen products claiming to be “dark spot correctors”.  None of them worked.  Then Citrinex came along. Over the past six weeks, my dark spots are definitely fading. It’s gradual but the progress is noticeable. The bonus effect I’m truly ecstatic about is how Citrinex  transformed the quality of my skin.  The area in the crook of my elbows had become old and crepey-looking. After only three weeks on Citrinex, that area looks ten years younger!”
– Constance V.

Results may vary

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