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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Citrinex?

Citrinex is a naturally sourced supplement designed to help fade dark spots (photo-aging damage) caused by UV Radiation. It contains a powerful blend of antioxidants clinically tested to help renew skin to a more youthful, even-toned appearance.*

How does Citrinex work?

Unlike many skincare products, Citrinex works from within -- at the cellular level. One capsule daily helps enable your skin to renew and protect itself from sun damage.*

How does Citrinex differ from creams and bleaches?

Citrinex works from within by providing your body with the necessary antioxidants to help promote repair and renewal.* Some topical creams simply cover the problem. Others bleach the skin using acids and chemicals that can cause rashes and permanent damage.

What are the main ingredients in Citrinex?

Red Orange Complex, beta carotene, vitamin E, selenium and lycopene – all powerful antioxidants.*

What is Red Orange Complex?

The Red Orange Complex in Citrinex is extracted from red oranges grown in the volcanic soil near Sicily. Red oranges from this region are known as a potent source of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins neutralize free radicals.* Free radicals damage skin at a cellular level, weakening its ability to fight dark spots and premature aging.

Does Citrinex have any known adverse effects or interact with any medications.

Citrinex has no known negative side effects or drug interactions. However, if you are taking prescription medication, or you have other concerns, it is always prudent to consult with your doctor before beginning any new health regimen.

How long should I take Citrinex before I see results?

Everybody is different so results can vary, but you may see a more youthful appearance in the overall quality of your skin and some fading of dark spots in as early as 3 weeks. Your dark spots should continue to fade over time.*

Can I use Citrinex in combination with other skin care products?

Using a topical lotion with an SPF, along with Citrinex, is an excellent idea. It may even help you achieve desired results sooner.

What is the recommended dosage for Citrinex?

Take 1 (one) capsule of Citrinex daily with or without food.

If I stop using Citrinex will my dark spots return?

If you experience future sun damage you may get new dark spots. However, continued use of Citrinex can also help protect your skin from future sun damage.*

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